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Our 3 Tesla MRI Magnetom Skyra scanner brings to Lufkin and our surrounding Deep East Texas area the ability to scan the full spectrum of specialties including:

  1. Access to the first and only MRI Center in Deep East Texas providing 3 Tesla MRI scanning which produces outstanding, gold standard image quality.
  2. Cost savings of 20%-70% for all scans compared to all hospital-affiliated imaging centers.
  3. In-network services with all insurance providers 
  4. Highly competitive, all-inclusive cash rates starting at $550.
  5. One simple global bill that covers all costs including the MRI scan and the Radiology report.
  6. Faster and easier scheduling for physician clinics and their patients.
  7. MRI scanning 8am-8pm M-F and 8am-4pm Sat increasing patient convenience.
  8. An easy-to-find and convenient location in the heart of Lufkin's medical district at 208 Gaslight Blvd with reserved parking and easy patient access.
  9. large bore MRI scanner for large or claustrophobic patients.
  10. A more comfortable and easier patient scanning experience and one of the most pediatric-friendly MRI scanning environments available today.
  11. Access to referrals from all physicians and all specialties
  12. Access to full body imaging and all scan modalities including contrast, non-contrast, and arthrogram studies for all specialties including:  Oncology, Urology, Primary Care, Spine, Orthopedics, Neurology, Neurosurgery, General Surgery,  Ob-Gyn, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Vascular, Body, Breast, and Prostate.
  13. Breast and prostate imaging for cancer detection and mapping utilizing DynaCad technology.
  14. Prostate imaging that does not require the use of a rectal coil.
  15. MRI images and report availability within 24-48 hours.
  16. Remote/secure physician access to patients’ full resolution images on any computer or device (physicians simply call Dedicated MRI Center at (936) 632-6510 to establish secure access).
  17. Experienced MRI technicians performing and ensuring the highest quality scan and best patient experience possible.
  18. Local, experienced, and board-certified Musculoskeletal and Neuro Radiologists providing interpretations of each MRI scan.
  19. The latest technological capabilities and safety measures for patients with implants, including metal suppression sequences.  
  20. Precise pre-operative MRI scanning for patient-specific joint replacement surgery

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At Dedicated MRI Center’s convenient outpatient location in Lufkin, Texas, we offer large bore MRI with early morning, and evening appointments available. 

A traditional MRI may be difficult for people for various reasons, including claustrophobia, anxiety, large body build or obesity. At Dedicated MRI Center, our large bore MRI gives you the best of both worlds—the comfort of a spacious and open design, and a clear, high-quality images to make sure your provider gets the right answer to guide your care.

We are dedicated to providing the high quality work you require, with the promptness you deserve…


What is an MRI arthrogram?

An MRI arthrogram is an imaging study used to take detailed pictures of a joint, such as a shoulder, hip or wrist. An arthrogram may be ordered to

  • Find tears, degeneration or disease in the cartilage, ligament or tendon
  • Detect growths or synovial cysts in the joint
  • Diagnose unexplained joint pain
  • Determine the need for treatment, including arthroscopy, surgery or joint replacement

This exam has two parts. First you will have an arthrogram and then an MRI. This two-part exam shows more details of our joint than an MRI alone. It will help your healthcare provider decide which treatment is best you’re your medical condition.

During the arthrogram, contrast will be injected into your joint to make it easier to see what is happening inside your joint. 

The MRI uses radio waves and a strong magnet to provide clear and detailed pictures of body tissue.

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