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Dedicated MRI Center cost 20-70% less than hospital imaging

Dedicated MRI Center of East Texas offers a more affordable imaging option. In fact, our costs are up to 20-70% less than hospital-affiliated imaging providers.

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  • 20-70% less expensive
    When you find out you need medical imaging, you may wonder, “how much will that cost?” At Dedicated MRI Center of East Texas, our costs are 20-70% less than hospital-based imaging providers. We know cost is an important factor to you, which is why we offer free, personalized price estimates before your exam. Just call and let us know you are looking for a price estimate. We accept most major health insurance plans and will work directly with your insurance company to obtain pre-authorization prior to your appointment with us.
  • 1 Global bill for all expenses
    If you are comparing costs between providers, be sure to ask how many bills you will receive. Many facilities will send two to three separate bills for technical, professional and sometimes facility fees. At Dedicated MRI Center, we make it simple. You will receive one global bill that includes all fees for your exam.


Up to 30% less than
Dedicated MRI - 20 - 70% less expensive
Hospitals and other imaging facilities

Call us for a personalized price estimate

Be sure to have the following on hand:

  1. Your referring doctor's name
  2. The name of the procedure (example: Knee MRI with contrast)
  3. Your insurance card or let us know this will be self-pay

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Dedicated MRI Center’s Private Pay Rates

  • For private pay patients who wish to have an MRI scan done Dedicated MRI Center will charge a simple and all inclusive rate that will cover the cost of the MRI scan AND the Radiologist cost for reading the scan resulting in a single bill and no surprises.  
  • Dedicated MRI Center will always be and remain significantly less expensive compared to any hospital’s cash rate.

Private Pay Rates

MRI without Contrast: $550
MRI with Contrast: $650
MRI with and without Contrast: $750

Dedicated MRI Center’s In-Network Rates Compared to MD Save Program Hospital Rates 

  • By billing outpatient in-network rates, choosing Dedicated MRI Center will result in significantly lower out-of-pocket costs for patients, even when compared to utilizing MD Save rates at hospitals (MD Save does not apply to federal payers). 
  • Payment using the MD Save program may or may not apply to your insurance deductible, and requires extra follow-up and work with your insurance provider on your part (sending in vouchers, making phone calls, etc).
  • Dedicated MRI Center outpatient in-network payments will always apply to your deductible automatically with no further actions from patients... period.

The above facts will result in a zero cost increase and easy, affordable access for all patients wishing to use superior MRI technology when compared to other imaging centers and hospitals throughout East Texas.

You have a choice. Choose how you spend your healthcare dollars…

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